Meet the Clan!

For long time followers of The Breaking Shadows Project, it may come as no surprise to you that I like to do things… well, a little differently than most. And, as someone who likes to be unique in her imaginings, I have always enjoyed doing character introductions a little differently. So, without further ado, meet the clan of Breaking Shadows: Bold – manifested in the nostalgic sounds of Disney/Dreamworks soundtracks.


Jessica “Jesse” Resnik

“Ben can read all the maps he wants. I’m perfectly content to earn respect by shooting stuff.”

Benjamin Resnik

“We all have our demons. Ben wears a bold face for the men, but I know they haunt him far more than he lets on.”

Jude Thaddeus Bane

“I could never give this up.”

Jimmy Winston

Maybe I’m right about him. He could just prove himself great someday.”

Mason Smart

“He’s a sharp kid, he can take care of himself, and he’s small and fast enough to sneak past just about anything.”

Colleen Smart

“She handles the weapon with eerie confidence, and I know the familiar action is all that keeps her from snapping.

Then again, I’m not so sure she hasn’t.”


“He was my right hand – smart, loyal, trustworthy – and Ben had been planning on making him one of our leaders.”


“I don’t know how anyone could turn down his kind heart, willing hands, and happy presence.

It’s hard to imagine our rebel family without him.”

Jon Mullens

“Everyone knows him as the jolly old man of our crew, but few people know that it’s his haunting pains

from the past that make him so desperately happy.”

Charlie Mullens

“We may not be siblings by blood, but no one can tell me he’s not my little brother.” 


“He’s seen all the horrors of war from both sides of the conflict, and knows well the agonizing pain of slavery and loss.”


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