Hello, and welcome to The Breaking Shadows Project!

This project started approximately two years ago, with a simple idea for a single written scene, just one of hundreds I’ve written. But this scene grew into something special. Something now referred to as the Breaking Shadows series. This is a series of four fictional Christian Speculative books for Young Adults, set in a dystopian society in the distant future. A future where, rather than a greatly improved technological utopia, society has fallen. It rests in a state of constant tribulation and unease, with heavy tension between a corrupted government and the many rebel groups across the land. It is in this high-resistance setting that a strong group of characters has emerged, making themselves known to their author and, soon, to you.

The first book, Breaking Shadows: Bold, is now available from Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble NOOK, and the iBookstore, thanks to the amazing support I’ve received from all of you.

I am extremely grateful for all of you amazing supporters. This project would not have come nearly this far without each and every one of you! I will keep this blog updated with promotions, teasers, sneak peeks, and all the Breaking Shadows news. If you wish to stay on top of the latest updates, please follow me here or at the links below to be notified of the latest news!



Thank you all, once again, for being such amazing supporters! I am eternally grateful for the love and encouragement I have been shown in this project and every other I have pursued.

-Hannah Stewart


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