You and Your BOLD Self Finalists

Posted: January 16, 2014 by Hannah Stewart in Uncategorized

The contest finalists are here, but first and foremost, I believe an apology is in order. These finalists should have gone up yesterday, but I started back to college this week, and things have been pretty crazy around here. I work for the Office of Accessibility on campus as a notetaker and was given a lot more assignments than usual this semester, so I’ve been very busy trying to hit my stride and find time for everything.

But now, back to business. I am proud to present the top three entries in the You and Your BOLD Self contest! Please vote for your favorite in the comments here or on Facebook. Next Friday, I will announce the winner. Take a look!

Entry #1 by Michelle Black:

Entry #2 by Elizabeth Dresdow:

“Go show ‘em how it’s done.”

I snap to attention and grin inside as I take a rifle from the rack.

Laughter fills the air,

Jeers soon follow,

I ignore them, concentrating on the rifle in my arms.

They have no idea,

No idea who I am, who I could be.

Dad always said, treat the gun right, it’s the only constant,

But the rookies, only cared about their macho.

My eyes meet Ben’s,

Cool and calculated we stare at each other.

He bites an apple,

Taunting me, but knowing what I can do.

The rookies laugh, wondering what a small boy can do,

Little do they know,

They don’t even know….I’m not even a boy.

I breathe deep within, slowly but carefully.

The rifle feels like an extension of my arm.

I pretend to aim at the targets on the other side of the room,

But at the last minute I turn as Ben shouts, “Now!”

The apple spins, a swirl of red and gold,

Spinning, floating in air, like a ballerina dressed in flowing colors.

I pull the trigger.

The room is quiet.

“Holy Apple Crisps!” Ben shouts,

And he throws the apple to me,

A perfect hole running straight through the center

Where the core should be. 

Entry #3 by Mickey Pfarr:

  1. Man, this is hard. Eeeeeeerrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh .. . Mickey Pfarr, Because I love the expression they’ve captured with Jude’s features and the body posture (also, nice way to hide the hands which are always so stinking hard to do!)

  2. Mirriam says:

    I mean, evil.

  3. evaschon says:

    Mickey. Definitely. That drawing of Jude is UH-MAZIN’.

  4. Elizabeth Dresdow says:

    Michelle. 🙂 Word art is cool!

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