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Insider Extra: Mason Smart

Posted: May 29, 2013 by Hannah Stewart in Uncategorized

At long last, it is my honor to introduce to you the next character from Breaking Shadows: Bold, Mr. Mason Smart!


Mason Smart


Mason is 16, but very mature for his age. He and his sister, Colleen, are orphans that have devoted their lives to the Resnik Rebels. Shorter than his sister but still taller than Jesse, he’s known for his incredible skill as a scout and messenger. His distinct ability to infiltrate enemy lines without notice sets him apart from the pack, and his speed and agility are unmatched – though Jesse and Colleen come pretty close.

He and Colleen are extremely tight, and whenever she’s around, she’s at his side. Their relationship has been through a lot, and like any good brother and sister, they fight. Mason constantly tries to protect her, and she him. This leads to many of their conflicts, as they put themselves in danger for each other.

Personality wise, Mason is a far cry from his sister. Where she is highly introverted and prefers to be on her own, he is an extrovert to the max. If he’s not out on a scouting mission or off delivering a message, he can be found socializing with the other rebels, playing cards and telling jokes. His brains are put to work telling jokes and stories just as often as they’re employed in squeaking out of a rough situation, and he loves making people smile. He’s a hard, confident, and devoted worker, which has earned him the respect of his peers, and is well liked by everyone around him.

His greatest hurdles in the battle to come will be his tendency to be cocky, always taking on more than he can chew, and his fierce love and urge to protect those around him. Love is a good and honorable thing, but in the town of Raven Falls, selflessness has its consequences.