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Posted: March 12, 2013 by Hannah Stewart in Uncategorized

Hello everyone!

I must apologize for having neglected this blog lately. This semester has been insane, and with work and 2 other works in progress on the side, I’ve been under the heap for quite some time. I don’t have but a few minutes, but I want to send out an update so that I don’t feel I’ve left you out to dry.

At the moment, the Breaking Shadows Project is in a bit of a holding pattern. A second publishing house has shown interest in Bold, the first book in the Breaking Shadows series. I have submitted a formal inquiry to them, and have decided to wait until they’ve made a decision before moving forward with my current situation. If they choose to accept my manuscript, I will be making the change. If not, I will be starting a second fundraiser. 

So, in short, the project is still underway; it has just plateaued for a time. I will update you all as often as possible, and hope to release more information, promotions, and sneak peeks in the coming months. Thank you all, once again, for your support! I pray I will have news for you soon.